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Top 20 recipes from during 2017

Köttbullar (meat balls) was our most recipe during 2017, taking the top spot back from kanelbullar (cinammon buns). Cholkladbollar (chocolate balls) remains in third place. Surdegskultur (sourdough starter), lussekatter (Lucia saffron buns) and a klassik rödbetssallad (classic beetroot salad) get into the Top 20 for the first time. For details of all our Top 20 Recipes click here

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Lent buns


Swedish semlor (cardamom scented buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream)

Semlor are wonderful cardamom-scented buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Traditionally they are only eaten on fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or, literally, Fat Tuesday), but these days they are popular from mid January until Easter. They really are a delicious treat, so do bake some soon! More…

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Rhubarb crumble


Swedish style rhubarb crumble with vanilla sauce

Rabarberpaj (rhubarb crumble) is probably my favourite dessert at this time of year when made with forced rhubarb from the Yorkshire Triangle and served with some Swedelicious (!) vaniljsås (vanilla sauce). More…

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Cod with horseradish

Torsk med pepparrot

Cod with horseradish and brown butter

Pairing fish with freshly grated horseradish is typically Swedish, so torsk med pepparrott och brynt smör (cod with horseradish and browned butter) is a very common way of serving cod in Sweden. This dish is best made with steaks, but if you can't get cod on the bone you can use fillets instead.

At this time of year Swedes like to make this dish using skrei, a migratory cod caught off the coast of Norway between January and April. In the UK skrei is occasionally available from good fishmongers or on London's Borough Market, but if not any good quality cod can be used. More…

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Pea soup


Swedish style yellow pea soup with Västerbottensost

At this time of year I really enjoy a good hearty soup and ärtsoppa (pea soup) fits the bill perfectly. It is an absolute classic in Swedish food and has been served in Sweden since the middle ages! In Sweden it is made with salted pork belly, essentially unsliced streaky bacon, but as this is almost impossible to buy I recommend using an unsmoked ham hock instead or simply smoked ham. More…

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Kale salad with roasted nuts

Grönkålssallad med rostade nötter

Kale salad with roasted nuts

This is my favourite winter salads. Rather than cooking the kale, the leaves are massaged for a few minutes to tenderise it. Afterwards you can add some dried fruit, apple, roasted nuts, cheese or whatever else you fancy! It is easy to prepare and keeps well, so it is highly recommended at this time of year. More…

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Rye crispbread


Swedish crispbread with cheese and fruit

Homemade knäcke is a great treat. It is perfect for breaking and sharing, alongside some good quality butter, fruit and cheese. More…

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Cardamom muffins


Cardamom muffins with wild blueberries

These muffins are really well flavoured with an excellent balance of cardamom and fruit. The use of buttermilk, lime and demerara sugar enhances with flavour and texture. Ideally, use frozen bilberries (wild bilberries), but cultivated blueberries can be used instead if you can't get hold of any bilberries. More…


Seeded rye bread

Rågbröd med frön

Seeded rye bread

Rågbröd (rye bread) is very popular in Sweden. When thinly sliced it is perfect with cheese or topped with salmon or prawns. This version uses sunflower seeds and golden linseed as well as cracked rye and wheat to give it a fabulous nutty texture. It’s a really tasty loaf to be enjoyed slowly! Don’t worry it is not dry, it keeps well and it has a fabulous dark crust. More…


2018 Calendar

2018 Almanacka

Calendar 2017 574

For a calendar of the main festivals and food events in Sweden to look forward to during 2018 click here.


Distinctive features of Swedish food

Swedish food has seven key distinctive features

Swedish food has a growing reputation across the world. For instance, Jamie Oliver described Swedish food as "Big, bold, brave and definitely up there with the best in the world". But what makes Swedish food distinctive? Check-out our guide…

A collage of our Top 50 classic SSwedish recipes

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be our Top 50 Classic Recipes. No two people are likely to agree completely on what should be included, but we hope you will approve of most of our choices!

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I am are gradually producing a Swedishfoodpedia. Essentially this is a series of articles about food related events in Sweden and Swedish ingredients, especially those that might not be familiar to most readers. I have already assembled articles on many topics including:

cloudberries (wonderful golden berries that grow in the north of Sweden),
fika (a "proper" Swedish coffee break),
• lingon (lingonberries, an essential accompaniment to many Swedish dishes),
surströmming (stinky fermented herring),
Västerbottensost (the king of Swedish cheeses),

Many other articles are in the pipeline, but if there is anything you would like to know more about please let me know. To read existing articles click here.

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