Midsummer cake


A Swedish style Midsummer cake

In many parts of the world midsummer passes without even a flicker of acknowledgement, but for Swedes it is the most important festival after Christmas. Most midsummer desserts feature jordgubbar (strawberries) and this recipe, by Karin Fürst, is a lovely example. It consists of a meringue base made with Rice Krispies, a layer of custard made with fresh eggs and a topping of whipped cream and strawberries. Serve with extra freshly picked strawberries, keeping the best lookers for the topping. More…

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Recipe sources

 A collection of Swedish recipe boooks

Most of the recipes on this site have been adapted from my collection of Swedish cookery books. Where a single source has been used that is acknowledged in the introduction, but in most cases I have fused together several recipes.

For all husmanskost recipes (traditional Swedish cuisine) I always start by consulting the Co-op's Vår Kokbok (Sweden's most popular cookery book) and Per Morberg's excellent Morberg lagar husmanskost.

I have a long list of traditional recipes that I want to add to the site once I have finished testing them. If there are any recipes that you would like me to prioritise please let me know!

Many of the modern Swedish recipes, especially the salads, have been adapted from Mat Magasinet (The Food Magazine) edited by Maud Onnermark. It is an excellent magazine that I look forward to reading each month. (You can read an online version if you click here.)


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Asparagus and salmon tart

Sparrispaj med lax

Asparagus and smoked salmon tart

Sparrispaj med rökt lax (asparagus and smoked salmon tart) is delicious at this time of year when locally grown asparagus is at its best. It uses ready-rolled puff pastry, fresh green asparagus, light philadephia cheese, smoked salmon and finely chopped dill and chives, all of which are readily available. It is really easy to prepare and goes well with new potatoes and a tomato, lettuce and fennel salad, dressed with a lemon and olive oil vinagrette. A Swedelicious lunch or supper! More…

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Rhubarb crumble


Swedish style rhubarb crumble with vanilla sauce

Rabarberpaj (rhubarb crumble) is probably my favourite dessert at this time of year when served with some Swedelicious (!) vaniljsås (vanilla sauce). More…

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Elderflower cordial (syrup)


Elderflower cordial (syrup) makes a lovely refreshing drink

Elderflowers are typically in season throughout June and are best picked when they are a rich, creamy colour before they turn white. Ideally, pick the flowers early on a dry day before the sun hits them and their aroma starts to fade.

Look for flower heads with buds that are fully open, but not turning brown. Snip off the whole umbrellas and place them gently in a bag. The pollen contributes to the taste so transport them carefully. For maximum effect they should be used within a couple hours of picking. They don’t need to be washed but do inspect them closely and remove any creepy-crawlies before using them.

It is easy to make cordial (syrup), which can be used to make refreshing summery drinks or to flavour cakes and desserts. More...

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Strawberry cake with elderflower cream

Jordgubbstårta med fläderkräm

Strawberry cake with elderflower cream

This a glorious summer cake full of the flavour of summer. Essentially it is a light and airy fatless sponge filled with a lovely elderflower custard and sliced strawberries, topped with whipped cream and decorated with big juicy strawberries or, if available, wild strawberries. More…

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Marinated strawberries with elderflower parfait

Marinerade jordgubbar med fläderblomsparfait

Marinated strawberries with elderflower parfait

Marinated strawberries with elderflower parfait is a popular dessert in the summer in Sweden when strawberries are in season. It is easy to prepare and yet looks good enough to grace any occasion. More…

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Crispy asparagus

Krispiga sparris

Crispy baked asparagus with homemade lemony mayonnaise

Try some crispy baked asparagus for a delicious starter or tapas style dish. It is so moreish and is one of my favourite dishes during the asparagus season. More…

Homemade lemony mayonnaise

For a real treat serve it with some homemade lemony mayonnaise. Some commercial mayonnaise is very good, but because it has to be pasturised it really can't match the creamy delicacy of a good homemade mayonnaise. Our recipe is easy and produces consistent results - provided you are patient! More…

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Potato pancakes with prawns in a creamy dill sauce

Rårakor med krämig räkröra

Pot pancakes topped with prawns in a creamy dill sauce

This is combines two of my Swedish dishes: rårakor and räkröra! Rårakor are thin lacy potato pancakes and here they are topped with räkröra (prawns in a creamy dill sauce).

Räkröra, also called skagenröra, is made by adding prawns (shrimps) and dill to a mayonnaise and gräddfil (a bit like soured cream) mixture, but here I've used crème fraîche in place of the mayonnaise and gräddfil. It makes a lovely starter to serve six people or a nice lunch for two.

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Rice à la Malta

Ris à la Malta

Rice à la Malta, a popular pudding served at Christmas in Sweden

Rice à la Malta is a popular pudding normally served at Christmas in Sweden, but I believe it is so good it deserves more than a once-a-year outing! It is a creamy cinnamon-flavoured pudding which is served cold, topped with candied orange peel and surrounded by a lukewarm raspberry sauce. It is easy to make, although the orange rind needs soaking for 3 or 4 days, so you need to plan ahead! More…


Cloudberry parfait


A cloudberry parfait on a hazelnut base and surrounded by cloudberry coulis

Hjortronparfait (cloudberry parfaits) are one of my favourite Swedish desserts for a meal for a special occasion. There are several advantages to this dessert:
• they are made with cloudberry jam, which you can buy in IKEA stores or online,
• it's an interestig dessert as most people, at least in the UK, have never heard of cloudberries,
• the parfaits can be made in advance and are easy to assemble at the last minute!
It really is an attractive dessert and a nice way of finishing a Swedish meal. More…

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Thin rye crispbread

Tunt knäckebröd

Swedish style thin rye crispbread

Knäckebröd (crispbread) is served always served with a meal in Sweden, so every Swedish supermarket has a wide selection of different types of knäckebröd. Most are made using rye flour and spices, but the thickness varies a lot.

Although you can buy very good knäckebröd outside of Sweden it is worth making the effort to bake some yourself as they always taste a bit special when homemade, especially tunt knäckebrödMore…


Top 20 Recipes

Top 20 Recept

Top 20 recipes from SwedishFood.com during 2017

Köttbullar (meat balls) was our most recipe during 2017, taking the top spot back from kanelbullar (cinammon buns). Cholkladbollar (chocolate balls) remains in third place. Surdegskultur (sourdough starter), lussekatter (Lucia saffron buns) and a klassik rödbetssallad (classic beetroot salad) get into the Top 20 for the first time. For details of all our Top 20 Recipes click here

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2018 Calendar

2018 Almanacka

Calendar 2017 574

For a calendar of the main festivals and food events in Sweden to look forward to during 2018 click here.


Distinctive features of Swedish food

Swedish food has seven key distinctive features

Swedish food has a growing reputation across the world. For instance, Jamie Oliver described Swedish food as "Big, bold, brave and definitely up there with the best in the world". But what makes Swedish food distinctive? Check-out our guide…

A collage of our Top 50 classic SSwedish recipes

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be our Top 50 Classic Recipes. No two people are likely to agree completely on what should be included, but we hope you will approve of most of our choices!

Cover for Swedishfoodpedia page

I am are gradually producing a Swedishfoodpedia. Essentially this is a series of articles about food related events in Sweden and Swedish ingredients, especially those that might not be familiar to most readers. I have already assembled articles on many topics including:

cloudberries (wonderful golden berries that grow in the north of Sweden),
fika (a "proper" Swedish coffee break),
• lingon (lingonberries, an essential accompaniment to many Swedish dishes),
surströmming (stinky fermented herring),
Västerbottensost (the king of Swedish cheeses),

Many other articles are in the pipeline, but if there is anything you would like to know more about please let me know. To read existing articles click here.

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